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zoe's eyes

by F.A. Turner

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The following is an excerpt from "Zoe's Eyes"



“What do you mean you are quitting medical school in America to do something so ludicrous and downright insane?  You don’t know anything about that kind of life! You were brought up without any needs or wants. You are leaving a prominent school like Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to do some hair brain idea like this?”  


“But mother, you don’t understand.  I am called by God to do this,” Zoe attempting to reason with her mother to understand.


Anna upset, cried, “God didn’t call you! He doesn’t call you to do foolish things!

“But you always taught me to pray and ask God what is His will for my life.  It’s not like I will not finish medical school. I am just taking a break that’s all.  I will be back …I promise,” Zoe reassuring her.

Throwing up her hands in exasperation, “When? When? When Zoe, pray tell me! When?”


“When it is finished,” she said slowly as she looked away from her mother’s angry glares.  Not wanting to further upset her mother, Zoe took a deep breath, trying to calm herself before she continued speaking to her mother about her decision. “Mother, please try to understand.  It’s not like I woke up one morning and said I am superwoman and I am going to save the world from evil men who abduct young girls and boys and use them as sex slaves. I didn’t. I didn’t even know that human trafficking existed until I heard about it at a seminar I was attending.  I didn’t even give it a thought, but a week later, after I attended the second meeting, the Lord just spoke to me to do this.”


“Humph! So now the Lord speaks to you.  Out of all the people that attended the seminar, you expect me to believe that He only spoke to you…now you are delirious! God doesn’t speak like that. You sound ludicrous! Zoe, you are wasting your life!”


Trying to remain calm and not get upset with her mother’s choice of words, Zoe boldly challenges her mother, “Am I wasting my life to try to help another person live?  Am I to stand back in my lap of luxury and do nothing, especially with what I know now? You and father didn’t raise us to be like that. You always told me to be a doer not a talker. Well, mother, I am doing!”


about the author


F.A. Turner’s dramatic, yet compelling and realistic portrayal of the dark and evil world of human trafficking hits to the core of our very being as a civilized world.  In her book, “Zoe’s Eyes” she takes us on a journey to a world we don’t want to believe it exists, but unfortunately, it does, and it’s real. Follow Zoe, Kato, and Patty into the dark world of Human Trafficking, where their faith will be tested, as they see the brutality of a world that money, greed, and lust are the stability of it’s the foundation.  Then get involved to stop this 150 Billion-Dollar business. Get your copy of Zoe’s Eyes today, and make a difference!!!

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