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Traditional Book Publishing

At Rapier Publishing Company, we offer traditional book publication services. Traditional book publishing is the process of production and dissemination of literature or information and making it available for the public. In traditional publishing, RPC assumes all the costs of publishing the book. Authors seeking to get their manuscript reviewed for traditional publishing must first submit a query letter or proposal according to the Rapier Publishing Company guidelines. Once the work is accepted, Rapier's designated personnel will negotiate the purchase of intellectual property rights and agree on royalty rates. When this is accomplished, Rapier will maintain all responsibilities in getting the book published, including working with the editing team, book design team, marketing team, production team, and other supporting staff to make sure the book is completed and distributed accordingly. 

Publishing Features

Here are some of RPC's features: 


Professional and beautiful custom cover designs created specifically for your book.

Professional interior layout in Adobe InDesign. In addition, a representative from Rapier will provide one-on-one pre-book structural overview and final book review with the writer to make sure the book is a quality finished product, pleasing to both the author and the potential reader.


Rapier does not provide editing; however, during the review of the manuscript, Rapier will review its contents checking for grammatical errors, punctuation errors, sentence structure, and the flow or readability of the book. Once these areas are noted, Rapier discusses the finding with the author; the author makes the needed revisions and submits the revised copy to Rapier.


Nationwide and International Print on Demand (POD) distribution. Potential distribution in audio and Ebook formats. (Ebook and Audiobooks are separate costs.) The author retains the intellectual property rights to his or her book. Highly competitive author royalty rates. Registered ISBN and author's copyright. 


Rapier will accept manuscripts from authors who are interested in self-publishing. An RPC representative will discuss the terms and fees prior to the bookmaking process. All fees are due prior to any work being done. 


In addition, there will be cases where RPC will choose to self-publish a book instead of traditional publishing. In such instances, RPC has the right to determine which is best for the company and the author.




At RPC, we pride ourselves in great editing and manuscript review services. If you are only interested in getting your book professionally edited, or reviewed, we are the company for you. The cost may vary depending on the services required, and the type of book, the book trim size, and the page count. During the manuscript review process, we provide you with the strengths and weakness of the manuscript, including its overall flow and structure. We also provide suggestions for you to consider when reviewing the comments. The goal is to make your Voice in Print heard and getting your manuscript reviewed by Rapier,is a great way to start. 


For a specified fee, Rapier writes and edits the literary works and credited author. The author retains full control and rights of the work. ​



Extensive editing is when Rapier edits your manuscript completely. This service is a complete reconstruction of the book. See the Packages Section for the cost of extensive editing. 



A Rapier representative will work with the author to establish and implement a marketing plan for the book. Although Rapier does not provide an extensive marketing plan for the book. Although Rapier does not provide extensive marketing, we do provide the author with a very detailed marketing handbook, and other marketing tools to aid in a successful marketing plan for the book. 


Competitive Pricing Within Industry Standard

Author Support

Author Has Potential to Make $$$

One-on-One Commitment to Author

Pre-Marketing Launch Plan Brochure

Assist in Marketing Up to Six Months After Book Is Published  

Extensive Self-Marketing Plan Handbook At No Additional Cost

Extensive Editing at an Additional Cost

First Time Author's Reception/Book Signing (At Publisher’s Discretion)

Competitive Author's Royalties  

No Annual Fee

Partner Publishing



    Library of Congress Number

    Copyright Number

    Complete Overview of Book

    Interior Book Layout in Adobe InDesign

    Beautiful Design Cover

    Appropriate Trim Size for Book

    Books Are Distributed to Over 100 (+) Websites that Sells Books, i.e.,           , Barnes&, etc.

    National and International Distribution

    Featured on Rapier's Website and social media outlets •

    eBook (Additional Cost)

Audio Book (Additional Cost)

    Illustrations (Additional Cost)

    Author's Full Ownership of Work


Have a manuscript for a book that you would like to share? Or do you need additional publishing information?


We are here to help! Find out more about our company and how you can submit your work by clicking the link below. ​

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