Publishing Packages and Prices

Traditional Text (Fiction or Non-fiction)

Children Books With Illustrations (Fiction or Nonfiction)

$2,000.00 - $2,500.00 (+)


*Price may vary depending on the cost of illustrations.

$6,000.00 (+)

Ghostwriting (Rapier writes the book but the author gets the credit.)

$500.00 (+)

Manuscript Review

$500.00 (+)

Extensive Editing 



Competitive Pricing Within Industry Standard

Author Support

Author Has Potential to Make $$$

One-on-One Commitment to Author

Pre-Marketing Launch Plan Brochure

Assist in Marketing Up to Six Months After Book Is Published  

Extensive Self-Marketing Plan Handbook At No Additional Cost

Extensive Editing at an Additional Cost

First Time Author's Reception/Book Signing (At Publisher’s Discretion)

Competitive Author's Royalties  

No Annual Fee

Partner Publishing


Have a manuscript for a book that you would like to share? Or do you need additional publishing information?


We are here to help! Find out more about our company and how you can submit your work by clicking the link below. ​



    Library of Congress Number

    Copyright Number

    Complete Overview of Book

    Interior Book Layout in Adobe InDesign

    Beautiful Design Cover

    Appropriate Trim Size for Book

    Books Are Distributed to Over 100(+) Websites that Sells Books, i.e.,           , Barnes&, etc.

    National and International Distribution

5 Copies of your Book

    Featured on Rapier's Website and social media outlets •

    eBook (Additional Cost)

Audio Book (Additional Cost)

    Illustrations (Additional Cost)

    Author's Full Ownership of Work

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