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Submission Guidelines

Please read before submitting.

Before submitting your work to RPC, please review the following guidelines for submission:


• MS Word documents only.  We do not use WordPerfect or any other documents other than MS Word.  (Our graphics department will use industry standard software when laying out your book.)


• We are currently not accepting manuscripts that exceed over 500 finished pages, to include front and back covers.


 • To better review the material, please use single, 1.5 double spacing.


 • Point size: 10pt. – 14pt.  (11pt. to 12pt. is recommended.)


 • Please use justification for the entire manuscript.


 • We do provide limited editing. This is part of our services. However, we ask that you thoroughly edit your manuscript prior to submission.


 • If you are using other sources for your book, i.e., other books, internet, other authors, periodicals, Bibles, etc., make sure you have all your references, and they are quoted properly, with the correct sources.


Recommended fonts to use in writing your books: Baskerville, Caslon, Bembo, Garamond, Book Antique, Electra, Palatino Linotype, Times Roman (The least preferred.)


All manuscripts submitted will not be returned and will be destroyed if not selected for publication. Authors under the age of 18 must have parental approval to submit your work.


If your manuscript is selected, an RPC representative will give you a call informing you and explaining all the details and procedures. An Author’s Packet will be sent out to you to start the process or journey in making your dream a reality.


It takes 2-6 months for a book to be completed- from the beginning (when your manuscript is selected) to the end for when the book is being printed.  At RPC, we want to provide the best service to you, and we will not compromise our standard “A Spirit of Excellence.” However, a representative will be with you during the entire process.


Have a manuscript for a book that you would like to share? Or do you need additional publishing information?


We are here to help! Find out more about our company and how you can submit your work by clicking the link below. ​

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