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For Those Who Care, Share!

With: Breedie, the Thoroughbred

by Joel Brown

Breedie, the Thoroughbred, is selfish, proud, and vain. She doesn't share her time, wealth, or love. Her friend, Zoom-Boom, the Scarecrow needs her help during a fundraiser to help their friends. Breedie tells her friend she doesn't have time to help him. Zoom-Boom believes that: "To whom much is given, much is expected." When faced with a tragedy herself, Breedie discovers that money and fame are not more important than friendship and taking care others.

Wyatt, the Water Drop Runs for President 

by Zack (Z.J.) Phillips

Wyatt, the Water Drop has a dream. He wants people to see water drops the way they were created to be, and to treat water with respect, dignity and integrity. He decides to run for president, but his opponent Global Warming has different views. Follow Wyatt, the Water Drop as he runs against Global Warming, while learning about the U.S. Presidential Election Process.


Turn off the alarm; it's 7 o'clock. It's time to get dress, eat, and catch the bus to school. Having fun because learning is cool! Children and parents both will enjoy this sweet and delightful, beautifully written and illustrated book about a child's love for school, learning, and meeting new friends. It will bring joy and excitement to all, young and old!

Rocky & the Butterfly Garden

Rocky lives in the butterfly garden with his friends at Lost Elementary School. One day, Rocky overhears Coach D and Ms. Nannie's plans to move the butterfly garden to a new location.  On his way to the new site, Rocky falls off the tractor. From then on, Rocky experience one adventure after another.


by April L. Matthews

Rocky & the Butterfly Garden

by Nannie Ferguson


Eli Makes Room

by Jaala Torrence

Eli loves to play with his friends in the pond, but the pond is too small for him. Eli tells his mother.  Eli mothers tell him not to be ashamed of being different. Find out how Eli makes room as he discovers something about himself in the process.

Eli Meets Someone New.png

Eli Meets Someone New

by Jaala Torrence

Eli’s class was getting a new student. Eli’s teacher assigned him to be the new student’s buddy. Eli decides to make a surprise for the new student, but it was Eli who was surprised. The new student didn't look like him. Eli learns that friendship doesn't look outward, but inward.


Theo the Thief

By Joel Brown


Theo the Thief likes to take things from his friends without asking their permission. One day he stole from his friends. Zoom-Boom the Scarecrow and Buttons the Frog, along with the rest of his friends help him to discover why stealing is bad. With the help of his friends, Theo the Thief never steals again.


Tall Tales 

By Joel Brown


It's harvest time on the farm. Zoom-Boom needs everyone to help with the harvest. Lyman always tells tall tales to get out of work. Zoom-Boom discovers that he isn't telling the truth. Lyman realizes that not telling the truth hurts everyone. He promises not to tell tall tales anymore.


Water Worries

By Joel Brown


Graham Quackers is a lifeguard at the lake on the farm. He takes care of the lake and makes sure it's always clean for the swimmers. When the new owners purchase the farm next door, he becomes worried about the bad odor coming from the lake. He gets to the bottom of the matter and teaches the new owners how to care for the​ environment.

Tekatu Learns Obedience

By Michelle P. Ross


Tekatu, the little cub, likes to play and have fun. He doesn't like to obey his parents. Tekatu would rather eat berries and play in the water than learn how to catch fish. When it's time to hibernate, he doesn't want to be in a cave for the many long winter months, so he decides to disobey his parents and run away. When Tekatu is lost and alone in the big woods, he realizes that being safe is better than being alone. With the help of strangers, Tekatu learns that being disobedient can cause much trouble. When he sees his parents again, they all hug each other. Tekatu learns that obeying his parents has many rewards and from then on he decides to obey them because they know what is best for him.


Be Tidy or Not?

By Joel Brown

Charm and Dirty Bird are two characters from the Zoom Boom book series.  Their names are quite the opposite of their character.  Charm is very messy; whereas, Dirty Bird is very tidy. However, although they are different, they are still good friends.  Be Tidy, or Not? is a book that allows the readers to understand and appreciate the differences in their friends.  It teaches children not to judge the differences, but to accept people as they are, allowing them to be tidy, or not.


All The King's Daughters

By Bianca R. Davis


Princess Abigail has a dilemma. She lost her pin! Losing her pin forces her to look within herself to find the inner strength to not only help herself but help others along her journey. Join Princess Abigail and her sisters as they go on an adventure in, All the King’s Daughters: The Story of Abigail and the Lost Pin.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 8.54.44 PM.png

Eye On The Cross

By Latonya Daniels

At a young age, Big Man’s parents had taught him about Jesus and told him to tell his friends about their adventures. Every day at Golden Gate Training school someone meets the true Savior for the first time. By the time Big Man finishes his stories, everyone’s eyes are always wide open, and their ice-cream cones are always melted. They end up wanting to know more about the “Savior,” the hero in Big Man’s stories who always comes to rescue him and his family from the enemy.


Be Careful

By Joel Brown

Zoom Boom the Scarecrow is to the rescue again, but this time he is rescuing Carrie Careless. Carrie Careless never watches where she is going. She is almost hit by a car when she crosses the street because she was not paying attention to the oncoming traffic. She almost fell down the stairs at school because she did not watch her step or hold onto the handrail. Both times Zoom Boom had to rescue her. He always tells her to be careful and pay attention to the safety signs. Zoom Boom wants everyone to be careful and follow all the safety signs in school, around their community, and in their homes. Be Careful is the third book in the Zoom Boom book series. The concept of the book is to make children aware of safety signs and to obey them. Zoom Boom, the scarecrow assist them in making sure they do.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 8.55.13 PM.png

Cooking With Daddy

By Sallie Daniels

(Also available in Spanish) 


Today is Saturday, and Saturdays are for the family.  Anthony mother reads on Saturdays, and his father cooks. Anthony helps his father cook on Saturdays.  Anthony loves cooking with his daddy.


Anthony Helps The Earth

By Sallie Daniels

(Also available in Spanish) 


One Saturday, Anthony and his mother go grocery shopping. Anthony helps his mother with the groceries. When Anthony and his mother walk home from the grocery store, he looks up at the sky and notices the birds. When he gets home from grocery shopping, he runs to the window and looks for birds in his backyard. He doesn’t see any birds. His neighbor tells him that birds need trees. He gives Anthony a small tree to plant. Anthony plants the tree in his backyard. Two years later, the tree grows big, and the birds come. Anthony helps the Earth by planting a tree.


Zoom Boom the Scarecrow and Friends

By Joel Brown


Zoom Boom, the scarecrow is a fictional character who lives on a magical farm with his many farm friends. The caretakers of the farm, farmer Don and his wife are very happy that Zoom Boom lives on the farm. He helps many of the farm animals, to include those pesky crows stay out of trouble. Zoom Boom is always there to assist and help the animals. However, he learns a lot from them also, such as how to save money and how to recycle. Zoom Boom main focus is teaching children lessons from everyday life which will help them make wise choices, and be nice to others.


The Real Truth About Monsters

By Sandra Dalton


Justin is a little boy who is afraid to go to sleep in the dark. He is afraid of the monsters in his room. When his mom turns out the light, he begins to become fearful. One night, he yells out to God to make the monsters go away. An angel appears and tells him not to be afraid anymore. He tells Justin what to do, and from then on, Justin is no longer afraid of the dark or monsters.

Many children are often afraid of the dark when they go to bed. They think there are monsters lurking around in their rooms at night. The Real Truth About Monsters will teach children there is no need to fear the dark. They learn whom to turn to in those scary moments. They also learn that the real truth about monsters is that they do not exist!


Don't Be A Bully!

By Joel Brown


Choe-Choe, the cat is being bullied. She doesn't know how to stop the bullies so she tells ZOO-BOOM. ZOOM-BOOM knows what to do. He helps Choe-Choe by talking with the parents of the bully. He also tells Choe-Choe what to do when a bully confronts her, and as a result, Choe-Choe is no longer being bullied. Find out what ZOOM-BOOM did to help Choe-Choe, and how he can help you too from being bullied. ZOOM-BOOM says, "Don't be a bully."


"FIRE" with Matchell the Crow

By Joel Brown


Matchell the Crow likes to play with matches and lighters, which result in fires. Matchell starts many fires, but they are all accidents. Zoom-Boom tells the children the dangers of playing with matches and lighters, and with the assistance of the Farmland Fire Department, Zoom-Boom helps Matchell prevent so many accidents.


The Money Tree

with Anthony Ant

By Joel Brown


Anthony Ant is growing a Money Tree, which teaches children the benefit of saving money. He shows children how to grow their own Money Tree, and with patience and desire, their Money Tree will grow. Anthony Ant teaches the children to save their money by putting their money into a savings account. Anthony Ant shows the children the value of saving their money for a rainy day.

Water Cycle Cover.png

The Water Cycle

By Zack (Z.J.) Phillips


Wyatt, the Water Drop's life is very important. It's part of the water cycle. We use water for cooking, washing,and cleaning our bodies. Join Wyatt, the Water Drop,journey as he explains in a fun way about the water cycle. From the beginning to end, Wyatt, the Water Drop, teaches you each process that water goes through.

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