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 A Company built on Christian principles, beliefs and the foundation of Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to excellence, integrity, the Truth and making sure Your Voice is heard through Print.

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At Rapier Publishing Company we offer competitive publishing prices to our authors.


We aim to enlighten the reader with the Truth that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through voices in print which enable us to live victorious and righteous lives for God.


Whether you are ready to submit a manuscript or just have questions about your publishing options RPC is here to help.


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Wyatt, the Water Drop Runs for President 

by Zack (Z.J.) Phillips

Wyatt, the Water Drop has a dream. He wants people to see water drops the way they were created to be, and to treat water with respect, dignity and integrity. He decides to run for president, but his opponent Global Warming has different views. Follow Wyatt, the Water Drop as he runs against Global Warming, while learning about the U.S. Presidential Election Process.

Breedie, the Thoroughbred, is selfish, proud, and vain. She doesn't share her time, wealth, or love. Her friend, Zoom-Boom, the Scarecrow needs her help during a fundraiser to help their friends. Breedie tells her friend she doesn't have time to help him. Zoom-Boom believes that: "To whom much is given, much is expected." When faced with a tragedy herself, Breedie discovers that money and fame are not more important than friendship and taking care others.


For Those Who Care, Share!

With: Breedie, the Thoroughbred

by Joel Brown

Rapier presents new releases by
         April L. Matthews & Nannie Ferguson


by April L. Matthews

RING! RING! RING!!! TICK! TICK! TOCK!!! Turn off the alarm; it's 7 o'clock. It's time to get dress, eat, and catch the bus to school. Having fun because learning is cool! Children and parents both will enjoy this sweet and delightful, beautifully written and illustrated book about a child's love for school, learning, and meeting new friends. It will bring joy and excitement to all, young and old!

by Nannie Crozier

Rocky lives in the butterfly garden with his friends at Lost Garden Elementary School. One day, Rocky overhears Coach D and Ms. Nannie's plans to move the butterfly garden to a new location.  On his way to the new site, Rocky falls off the tractor. From then on, Rocky experiences one adventure after another.

Rocky & the Butterfly Garden


Wyatt by Fannie.jpg

Wyatt, the Water Drop Runs for President 

by Zack (Z.J.) Phillips


Follow Wyatt, the Water Drop as he runs against Global Warming, while learning about the U.S. Presidential Election Process.


Our mission is to proclaim, enhance and empower the Kingdom of God through the writing, producing and distribution of quality books that edify, motivate and inspire readers, enabling them to live victorious and righteous lives in and for God.







"My experience working with Rapier Publishing has been an answer to a prayer. Not only have I had an opportunity to get my books published, but I also have an awesome illustrator. Rapier Publishing has provided me with the complete package."


— Sallie Daniels

Author and Educator


As a Children’s Book author, it was important to me to work with a Publisher that was understanding of what my needs were, as it related to the illustrations and arrangement and editing of my material. Rapier matched the talents of a very creative illustrator, and editing of the material presented was superbly done. I am looking forward to my continued relationship with Rapier on the publication of the rest of my books, and I would highly recommend this book publisher to anyone that has an interest in receiving quality publishing.

— Joel Brown

Author of "Zoom" Book Series






My experience with Rapier Publishing has been delightful. Rapier challenged me to be better and allowed me to work at my own pace while keeping me on the task of excellence. Under the stewardship of Rapier’s TEAM, nothing but the best was demanded of me.

— Ben Freeman Jr.

Author of "The Making"





My experience writing my book, “Prayers that Touch Heaven and Change Earth” with Rapier Publishing was a great one. They challenged me to bring out the best in me as an author by digging down deep to bring out the literature needed to make an impact on everyone who purchases a copy of this book.


Thanks, Fannie Pierce and Rapier Publishing!

— Ethlyn O. Farrell, Author



Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 11.16.29

F.A. Turner

F.A. Turner’s dramatic, yet compelling and realistic portrayal of the dark and evil world of human trafficking hits to the core of our very being as a civilized world.  In her book, “Zoe’s Eyes” she takes us on a journey to a world we don’t want to believe it exists, but unfortunately, it does, and it’s real. Follow Zoe, Kato, and Patty into the dark world of Human Trafficking, where their faith will be tested, as they see the brutality of a world that money, greed, and lust are the stability of it’s the foundation.  Then get involved to stop this 150 Billion-Dollar business. Get your copy of Zoe’s Eyes today, and make a difference!!!


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